Enjoy comprehensive protection
Your policy from Square One offers comprehensive coverage — the broadest type of coverage available in Canada. You’re protected against all types of loss except what’s specifically excluded.

Enjoy rate-capping benefits
As long as you keep your policy active, any premium increases year-to-year are limited to a certain percentage. In fact, some customers find their premiums decrease at renewal.

Enjoy interest-free payments
You’re free to choose: pay for your next year of coverage all at once at renewal time, or make monthly payments throughout the year. Unlike most providers, you don’t pay interest if you choose monthly payments.

Enjoy low deductibles
Square One offers deductibles as low as $250 (some of the lowest available in Canada) so your policy can recover more. You can also choose higher deductibles if you’d prefer to save on premiums.

Keep your MRP
When you buy a new home insurance policy from most providers, some of the first premium payments are non-refundable. When you keep your Square One policy active, you don’t need to worry; you’re not subject to a Minimum Retained Premium.

Manage everything online
Square One is Canada’s leading online home insurance provider. Manage every aspect of your policy from your easy-to-use online account without ever needing to speak with an agent (though they’re available to help if you need it).

Thinking about cancelling your home or tenant insurance policy?
Before you do, read through some common cancellation reasons below and learn how Square One can help solve them. If you still wish to cancel, visit our cancellation page to learn how and what you can expect when cancelling.


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