2021-12-14 12:49:05 2 Comments

After COVID border closures, international student numbers hit record highs in Canada, UK and US as falls continue in Australia and NZ

International students are heading to Canada, the UK and the US in record numbers despite the pandemic, new research by the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University shows. But Australia and New Zealand continue to experience a dramatic drop in new international students. international education and the pandemic, examined five major destinations for international students: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. We found the first waves of the pandemic caused a large fall in new international students. But countries that have opened to international students have rebounded strongly. The research reveals a complex situation where the pandemic affected international students from around the world differently. The numbers of new students from China are still below what they were pre-pandemic. But for some source countries, such as India and Nigeria, numbers are at record levels. International education is an important part of how many countries manage investment in their education sector. The report highlights the renewed emphasis countries are placing on attracting international students. A fall for all and a rebound for some Our report examined student visa data to understand the impact of the pandemic on prospective international students. Student visa data are a leading indicator, as most students normally need a visa before they can enrol.

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