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Does Spain welcome international students?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many international students were choosing to study in Spain. The nation was welcoming over 150,000 international students per year to a host of universities, with the number only increasing as each year went by. However, like many other countries, the nation was forced to close its doors over 2020. Now that global economies are beginning to open up, Spanish universities are slowly transitioning to normal in-person classes, with mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing to ensure every student’s health and safety. With this, it’s a great time to begin considering Spain as a study destination. Here are some reasons why international students should study in Spain. Many exchange programmes to study in Spain If you’re studying at a well-established university, chances are they’ll offer study abroad options with partner universities for some of their programmes. Usually, students can choose to study abroad from as little as three months to a whole year, depending on their chosen course. Classes offered would be in a similar subject area to a student’s original course. Many universities in Spain actively welcome international students into their programmes by offering mobility programmes. The most popular is the Erasmus programme, which allows students from EU countries to study at EU universities for a set period of time. Spain has consistently been the most popular destination for Erasmus students over the last few years. Other popular study abroad programmes include IES Abroad and AIFS Abroad. Study at top-ranking Spanish universities Students who choose Spain as their study abroad destination will not be limited by choice. Spain is host to around 80 universities, both private and public, each with an expertise across a broad range of subjects. From law to hospitality management to degrees in STEM, you’ll be sure to find a university with a programme best suited for you. Not only that: students get the opportunity to study at some of the most prominent universities in Spain, some of which happen to fall under the top 300 universities in the world. These include the Pompeu Fabra University, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Navarra.

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