Visa – Panama

Contact Details:

Flat No.7, 1st Floor, Churchill Chambers, 32, Mere Weather Road, Colaba,

Mumbai 400 005. Tel : 022- 22871391/3 Fax : 022- 22871390


Visa Form:

Click here to download the Visa Form


Tourist Visa:

  1. 8 Photos stamp size
  2. Xerox copy of the present officers license issued by the Maritime authorities of other countries
  3. Copy of the first 2 pages of the passport
  4. Medical certificate issue by the Doctor
  5. Payment must be accompanied by letter certifying that the amount is being paid out of Inward Remittances naming the Principals and FIR Number
  6. Copy of the STCW courses


Business Visa:

The consulate will give visa form after receiving the Sponsorship from Panama.



Rs. 2000/-